A requestfor information shall be made in writing with its detailed descriptions about the requested information and its forms to be addressed to public institutions.

Procedures and formalities for requesting information shall be determined as follows:

1. Formalities for requesting for information:

- Name, sex, age, nationality, occupation;

- Current address andelectronic address(if any);

- List of detailed information to be requested.

2. Applicant who has no ability to fill out application forms by him/herself due to illiteracy or disability may make a requestfor information orally. Officials in charge of informationwho received such a request shallgratuitouslyassist in writing information upon request accordingly and note his/her name in a certified copy andapplicant’sreceipt.

3. Applicant may submit a written request for information directly or via its authorized representative to officials of public institution or officials in charge of information, or may send it by post or by email to public institutions possessingthat information.

4. Officials of public institutions or officialsin charge of information who received a request for information shall duly register and issue receipts to the applicant;

5. Applicantshall take receipts from the officialsof public institution or officials in charge of information rightafter filing application forms. Forthosemaking requests for information by post or by email,receipts shall be issued based on the type of means of the request.

6. Officials of public institution whoreceived a request for information shall forward such a request to officials in charge of informationwithin 24 (twenty four) hours of working days.

7. In the event that a request for information is wrongly addressed to competent institutions possessing information, officials in charge of information shall return such a request to the applicant as soon as possible and shall give more information as much as possible about the public institutions holding the requested information.

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