Public institutions may deny providing information to the public if the disclosure of such information would be:

1. Damaging to national security and public order;

2. Affecting the international relations;

3. Damaging to public finance and national economy;

4. Affecting case files or confidentialities of the court;

5. Violating personal privacy of individual, including but not limited toa civil servant’s case, health related case, and case files of private rights litigation;

6. Endangeringto law enforcement agencies or the fulfillment of their missions;

7. Harmful to legal documentsand other prohibited provisions on confidential information of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

All Comments:
Uth Sophea
1) Asking to describe the concrete meaning of “confidential information” for each sphere, as the current meaning is broad, which results in preventing the right access to information and disclosing the information, which is in contrast to the objectives laid out in Article 2, Chapter I of this law. 2) Please minimize the scope confidential information. 3) There should be a list mentioned in the law on what specific types of information is confidential. They should be accurately specified by the law in order to not confuse the public and prevent an excuse for not supplying the information. 4) The law should limit on how many years the confidential information should be released to or requested by the public in order to help the public stay aware of the fact and other essential information, such as information about politics, leadership, military, economy, corruption, etc. 5) For example, the law should be divided the confidential information in different categories. a) The most confidential information: It is requested to release to the public for 20 years later. b) The moderated information: it is entitled to share with the public for six months later. c) The less confidential information: it should be released to the public one month later.




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