Technical terms used in this law includethe followings:

- Information:refers toall piece ofofficialdocuments under the possession of public institutions;

- Public Information:refers tothe information that public institutions have to widely disseminate to the public without request;

- Personal Privacy Information

- Professional Confidential Information;

- Personal Information:refers tothe information about any person (including information forming list of data) whether it’s true or untrue and recorded or not recorded in the original form of documents;

- Confidential Information:refers tothe information that public institutions cannot disclose to applicant;

- Official:refers to aperson who fulfills its functions in public institutions, whether on permanent or temporary basis and fulltime or part-time basis;

- Official in Charge of Information:refers to an official appointed by public institutions having function of managing documents and providing information services to the public;

- Information Office:refers to a place, established by public institutions, where information is provided to applicant;

- Public Institutions:refer to ministries, secretariats of state or such other units, as well as subordinate local administrative authorities and provinces/capital, municipalities/districts/khans, communes/sangkats created by the law, royal decree, sub-decree, prakas or other regulations, in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia;

- Applicant:refers to a person who makes a request for information;

- National Administrations:refer to ministries, institutions or equivalent public entities, and subordinate specialized departments;

- Subnational Administrations: refer to capitals/provinces, municipalities/ districts/khans, and communes/sangkats under the authority of each council.

- InformationDamaging to National Security:
a) Refers to all kind of confidential information endangering territorial integrity and stability, which is vital for the Kingdom of Cambodia; and

b) Refers to all kind of confidential information of the royal armed force and the national police wherethe disclosure of which shall be harmful to the fulfillment of missions andthe operation ofarmed force in the Kingdom of Cambodia;

- Public Servant: refers to a person who works for national or subnational administrations;

- Public Order: refers to all kinds of confidential information where the disclosureof which will lead to confusion, turmoil and violence that cause social instability and disorder.

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